Reticular Veins and Spider Veins

Reticular veins are smaller types of veins. These veins are usually about 2–3 mm in diameter and often do not protrude on the skin surface. They are a closely grouped network of small veins. They are usually blue to greenish in colour and frequently feed areas of spider veins that are closer to the surface. Reticular veins are predominantly located on the inner parts of the thighs, backs of the legs, and ankles. They can also be associated with symptoms of pain and discomfort in the legs.

Reticular veins do not normally exist for no reason. Sometimes (though not always), there is underlying venous insufficiency which cause them to occur.

Spider veins are also part of varicose veins. They are smaller veins (<1mm in diameter), and they are closer to the surface of the skin than reticular and varicose veins. They can be blue, purple or red in colour, are frequently extensive, and may appear in linear, starburst or tree-like pattern distributions

Spider Veins Treatment

Microsclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment option for spider veins/reticular veins which is often performed as a clinic procedure. Direct injection with liquid sclerosant of lower concentration into spider veins using very fine needle and a special visualization system. The lining of the vein is destroyed by the sclerosant resulting the vein walls to stick together. Blood stops flowing through the veins will scar down which are then absorbed by the body. You are required to wear compression stockings for 2-4 weeks after treatment. Normal activities can be resumed immediately. Several sessions may be required to eradicate all visible veins. Potential side effects from microsclerotherapy may include bruising, itching, brown discolouration/hyperpigmentation and redness of the injected sites. Rare complications include skin ulceration and allergic reactions to the sclerosant. Once treated, spider veins will not re-open. However, microsclerotherapy treatment will not stop new spider veins from developing.

Foam sclerotherapy

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